eBurst Services Inc

eBurst Services is a business consulting agency providing consulting services for upstart businesses, established businesses, and businesses with new owners. eBurst Services was formed by a couple coming together to cater to their clients in a way that they know they can help them with. All projects are worked on by an experienced, and knowledgeable business consultant that will guide you to meeting your business goals.

How We Work

We appoint you with a designated business consultant that will assist you with your projects from beginning to end. We take the long winded process of starting, and operating a business, and make it into a smaller manageable task list. We are there for you from beginning to the end. All clients have access to their own portal that manages all of their documents, files and important information. We also provide you with direct access to your account manager for open lines of communication. Upon completion of the project, your account manager is still there waiting to help you when you are ready for the next level.

How To Get Started

All of our services come with a sales consultant that is readily available to discuss with you what services we offer that aligns perfectly with your desires. They are able to answer any questions, provide basic advise and assist with the preliminary process. If you are interested in continuing with our services, we will appoint a designated business consultant that will assist with moving forward with your project.