We have nothing against you filing for your business yourself. The difference is we are partnered with some of the state divisions of corporations, so we are able to get your filings completed and expedited. We also know what the states approve and don’t approve so you won’t have to file multiple times.

Great question. We have several systems that were created to help you in this process. You can go to our site analysis system to view all the errors and suggestions we would make to improve your website.

The CEO, Derico D Jones Jr. has many years of experience being in the Development, and Consulting industry, allowing him to learn of the pain points of the industry. He has built systems that think like him, and that would provide clients with optimal service at a low cost to us, for you. All of our services are at the lowest in the industry because of how low our bottom line is.

We stray away from specializing in a certain business. We do have more experience in retail due to the vastness of the business/industry, but we are primarily open to all business types/industries.

We work similar to a pay structure of an attorney. We charge billable. Consulting hours allows you to have us on retainer where you can utilize us whenever you need us within the scope of our billable hours.