Who We are

We are a small business consulting agency focused getting your business operating successfully.

Mission & Values

At eBurst Services Inc, our mission is to provide knowledgeable, efficient, understanding, and flexible business consulting services to businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and sole proprietors. Our goal is to save our clients time and money, help them grow their businesses, and provide top-notch service that exceeds their expectations.

Your local provider dedicated to Consulting and Finance solutions.

eBurst Services is a business consulting agency providing consulting services for upstart businesses, established businesses, and businesses with new owners. eBurst Services was formed by a couple coming together to cater to their clients in a way that they know they can help them with. All projects are worked on by an experienced, and knowledgeable business consultant that will guide you to meeting your business goals.

We are a local management consulting firm that serves a private, public and social business sectors . We help our clients make significant decision of starting a business and realize their most important goals on how to properly operate a business.

Derico D Jones Jr, CEO & Founder


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