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Registered Agent

A registered agent is the person that will accept service of process on behalf of a business entity. The registered office is the address where the registered agent is located during normal business hours. The registered office address must be a street address in your registering state. A post office box is not acceptable.

The registered agent may be an individual or another business entity with an active filing in your registering state or registration on our records. A business entity cannot serve as its own registered agent; however, an individual associated with a particular business entity may serve as the entity┬┤s registered agent. In other words, ABC ENTERPRISES, INC. cannot list itself (ABC ENTERPRISES, INC.) as its own registered agent. However, Robert Smith, who is the president of ABC ENTERPRISES, INC., may serve as the registered agent for ABC ENTERPRISES, INC. By clicking no you are appointing eBurst Services Inc as your Registered Agent.

Name And Address of Person(s) Authorized to Manage LLC

List the name and address of each manager or representative authorized to manage and control the company. This information is required to open most bank accounts and to obtain workers' comp exemption. Once this document is filed, any changes will require an amendment, which cannot be filed online, and cost an additional fees.

As a LLC there are 3 different titles you can choose from.

M = Member - Owner of business.

MGR = Manager - Manager of Business, no ownership

AP = Authorized Person - Someone authorized to act for the business.

Person 1

Person 2

Person 3

Person 4

Please review the filing for accuracy. If you need to make corrections, do so at this time. The filing information will be added/edited exactly as you have entered it. If any information is incorrect you risk the chance of your submission be rejected by either eBurst Services or the Division of Corporations.

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