Starting an LLC

1. File Articles of Organization

State law requires a company to first file a formation document, known as Articles of Organization, with the Division of Corporations. The Division of Corporations charges a filing fee which is different depending on the state, to process this document. Articles of Organization can be filed by mail, fax, hand-delivery, or online.

You can form your LLC yourself, or you can hire us to do it for you for $150 plus state fees.

Either way, you’ll need to appoint a Florida registered agent to receive service of process for your business. Our Florida registered agent service costs a mere $125 a year.


2. Appoint a Registered Agent

There is a $125 fee, which should be included with the filing fee above. An agent must maintain a physical street location within the state to accept certified business mail and service of process.

If you hire us, you will have instant access to pre-signed Articles in your online account, and you can use our business address for your principal office and mailing address. We provide this service for all of our clients in all 50 states.


3. Write an Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is like a blueprint for the structure and operation of your LLC. It explains who owns what, the breakdown of profits and losses, the management structure, and other administrative issues (such as how new members can be added to the company). While an operating agreement is not legally required, and it is not filed with any government agency, it is a good idea to write one nonetheless. We require an operating agreement to be on file for all clients receiving our registered agent services.


4. File Annual Reports

LLC annual reports are due each year between January 1 and May 1 and are filed only online. The first report must be filed in the year following formation. For example: if you form a LLC in June of 2015, your first annual report is due in 2016. The fees are dependent on the state you are registered in. We charge a late fee of $550 for all late fees not paid by April 1.

As with your articles of organization, when you hire us, you can use our business address in place of yours on your annual reports each year.